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general things

  • § + a number , usually means law number or rule number

things to do to live and work


  • This is the City Hall, If you need to live/work in Germany, you must register in here.

I was living in Kreuzberg so I opted for this one:

  • Schlesische Straße 27 A, 10997 Berlin


  • Is the registration, ask for it in the Burgeramt


  • certificate of good conduct, It was required from the company I'm employee for
  • I did get an appointment (Terminvereinbarung) from the website ( it will cost you 13,00 (dreizehn) euro, in cash, and please go there with the correct amount to not get negative attitude.


  • this is the tax office, you go here also to register your own company, or to get your tax number (need for employers and employees)


  • national tax number, you probably need a job contract to get one.

Health insurance

  • I've the TK (Tekniche Krankasse) , you can apply from the internet specifying your employer. the cost will be splitted between you and the company you work for, and the amount will be retained from the salary directly.


  • "die Schuld" in German means "Debt" and also "sin" , so you can imagine how german people cares about NOT having trouble with such thing...
  • If you have to get an apartment for rent or similar, you'll need this certificate, the Shufa. Released from an institute called... Schufa!
  • I got it for like 12 euros, from a private credit institute called Easycredit in Alexanderplatz Berlin.