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  • I compiled the software, needing some dependencies as development packages:
 mysql png zlib
  • configuring the source :
./configure --with-mysql --with-zlib --with-openssl  --enable-ftp --enable-mp3 --enable-mysql-fulltext-plugin  --prefix=/var/www/search/mnogo
make && make install 

* creating template DB:
mnogo/sbin/indexer -Ecreate
'/var/www/search/mnogo/share/mysql/create.blob.sql' dbtype=2 dbmode=6

15 queries sent, 15 succeeded, 0 failed

first run

  • drive into the virtual host root:
cd /var/www/search/
  • running the indexer:
  • running the Blob-ize script:
mnogo/sbin/indexer -Eblob

configure additional options

* the server table option could be useful to get the list of sites to index from a database.
 * ServerTable mysql://user:pass@host/dbname/tablename
* --with-openssl support
*  --with-zlib             for HTTP Content-Encoding support
*  --disable-mp3           disable MP3 tags support
*  --disable-file          disable file:/ URL scheme support
*  --disable-http          disable http:// URL scheme support
*  --disable-ftp           disable ftp:// URL scheme support
*  --disable-news          disable news:// URL schema support
*  --enable-efence         enable Electricfence memory debugger support
*  --enable-memdebug       enable internal memory debugger support
*  --enable-mysql-fulltext-plugin  enable MySQL-5.1 fulltext plugin interface
* Unsupported Content-Type 'image/png' 

indexing world

  • Allow NoCase Regex .+\/|\.htm$|\.html$|\.shtml$|\.phtml$|\.txt$|\.asc$|\.doc$|\.pdf$|\.ps$|\.rtf$|\.ppt$|\.zip$
  • HrefOnly */
  • Disallow *
indexer -v6 -u http://yoursite/some/image.jpg
  • (use URL of some real JPG file)
    • It will explain why it accepts this file.