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Welcome to Alessandro's wiki

Started in 2006, this used to be a local page, for my information and for taking notes in my work. Not it's still this but with an addition of "public interest".

some "info/rules/apologies"

  • sorry for the italo-anglo-hispanic-ducth mix!
  • I try to keep it clean while I see errors or missing references.
  • Beware! some information may be really outdated,.
  • Editing enabled only up request
  • No time for spammers
  • I've still a discrete cue of info to write up, I'm bad boy, I know, I will!.

weird things

...once upon a time I said:

I've populated this page along the path I'm following through the information technology world.

In the twists and turns of this server's memory, where my thoughts are stored and folded in, you could find frightful ones.