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  • motion detection software:

configuration file

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash" > Threshold 40

  1. Image width (pixels). Valid range: Camera dependent, default: 352

width 640

  1. Image height (pixels). Valid range: Camera dependent, default: 288

height 480

  1. Maximum number of frames to be captured per second.
  2. Valid range: 2-100. Default: 100 (almost no limit).

framerate 2

  1. URL to use if you are using a network camera, size will be autodetected (incl http://)
  2. Must be a URL that returns single jpeg pictures or a raw mjpeg stream. Default: Not defined

netcam_url http://localhost:8090/test1.mjpeg

  1. Let motion regulate the brightness of a video device (default: off).
  2. The auto_brightness feature uses the brightness option as its target value.
  3. If brightness is zero auto_brightness will adjust to average brightness value 128.
  4. Only recommended for cameras without auto brightness

auto_brightness off

  1. Set the initial brightness of a video device.
  2. If auto_brightness is enabled, this value defines the average brightness level
  3. which Motion will try and adjust to.
  4. Valid range 0-255, default 0 = disabled

brightness 32

  1. Set the contrast of a video device.
  2. Valid range 0-255, default 0 = disabled

contrast 0

  1. Set the saturation of a video device.
  2. Valid range 0-255, default 0 = disabled

saturation 0

  1. Set the hue of a video device (NTSC feature).
  2. Valid range 0-255, default 0 = disabled

hue 0

  1. Live Webcam Server
  1. The mini-http server listens to this port for requests (default: 0 = disabled)

webcam_port 8082

  1. Quality of the jpeg images produced (default: 50)

webcam_quality 50

  1. Output frames at 1 fps when no motion is detected and increase to the
  2. rate given by webcam_maxrate when motion is detected (default: off)

webcam_motion off

  1. Maximum framerate for webcam streams (default: 1)

webcam_maxrate 1

  1. Restrict webcam connections to localhost only (default: on)

webcam_localhost off

  1. Limits the number of images per connection (default: 0 = unlimited)
  2. Number can be defined by multiplying actual webcam rate by desired number of seconds
  3. Actual webcam rate is the smallest of the numbers framerate and webcam_maxrate

webcam_limit 0 </syntaxhighlight>