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Starting with it

  • Nederlandse people is usually very very kidly , so , if any doubth abouth something, ask somebody for your problem, they will be glad to introduce you to that small piece of hi's culture. and of course, as always, people appreciate good breeding and happyness

I'm from Europe...

living "forever"

  • you'll need a BSN number to access any service in the nation,
    • in the city hall of your city you will be helped to take the right line number.
    • you'll need: passport , birth certificate , house contract
    • I suggest to go before 8 am to avoid long queues.
  • bank account
    • ABN-AMRO banks, very good service, english e-banking, you need a good job contract (at least 6 months) to get registered
  • ISP, Telephony, TV, mobile
    • Mobile
      • KPN, I have mobile phone prepaid whith them: voice-box in english, working well, 5e bonus every 20e (..)
      • Vodafone Netherlands: I use it in the laptop to connect to internet, prepaid, veeery expensive
    • Home
      • UPC : still can't get it working, from 2 months, but the cable connection speed goes from 10 to 120 Mb/s (!)
        • upgraded to 60/6 (down/up) Mb/s , the network given by this provider is really fast, it reaches the limit chosen and public ip(v4) assigned.
        • Administrative, bureaucratic and service are really really poor. "it's the system" they say, but every change, mistake, request you do will be followed by days of impotence and lack of service. final vote: I'm still with UPC , it's fine ;)
      • SurfNet: backbone network provider, have it at work, 1Gb/s sync. available at home with ADSL as well

  • Health
    • insurance
      • you'll need one, a private one. I'm paying around 90 euroz per month, plus some shit "una-tantum", service good, and I don't now really how much does I would pay in a public system, as my country Italy, where the health system is public and you pay the amount in taxes. I can't compare, but it would be interesting
    • services
  • Post
    • fast, good, simple.
      • ordinary-urban letters can be delivered just the day after they where sent.
      • dentist

emergency dentist (Rotterdam): 010 4552155

living less thant 3/6 months

not from Europe

  • you'll need to do more things, I'm sorry can't help you

Real Estate


  • Transavia: half-cost company, it flyes from Rotterdam and Schiphol.