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1. setup your local terracoin client/daemon to enable its rpc server:

 create a new directory for terracoin data. (ex: $HOME/terracoin)
 create a new text file terracoin.conf under this directory ($HOME/terracoin/terracoin.conf) containing:
 create a new text file under this directory (or ~/bin/) containing:
      $HOME/terracoin/terracoin-qt -noirc -gen=0 -port=13333 -datadir=/home/YOURUNIXUSERNAME/terracoin/
 chmod 750 $HOME/terracoin/

2. build your terracoin client/daemon :

 mkdir ~/build && cd ~/build/
 git clone git://
 cd terracoin/
 qmake USE_UPNP=1 USE_IPV6=-
 make -j 2
 strip terracoin-qt
 cp terracoin-qt ~/terracoin/

3. start your terracoin client/daemon:

 execute $HOME/terracoin/

4. retrieve p2pool

 cd ~/build/
 git clone git://
 sudo apt-get install python-argparse python-twisted

5. prepare p2pool:

 create a new file $HOME/build/p2pool/ containing: (replace 1Cj..MmrN with your terracoin address)
      python --net terracoin -a YOURTRCADDRESS -f 0 --bitcoind-p2p-port 13333 --bitcoind-rpc-port 13332 YOURUSER YOURPASSWORD
 chmod 750 $HOME/build/p2pool/

6. start p2pool:

 When your terracoin client/daemon is fully synchronized, start p2pool by executing $HOME/build/p2pool/
 After a few seconds, you can point your web browser to

7. start your miner app

 point your miner application to
 If you use a random username, payouts will go to previously configured address.
 If you use a valid terracoin address as a miner username, your payouts will go there.
 Use a random password.

NOTE : for optimal performance, you're encouraged to forward/open inbound tcp ports 9323 and 13333

      (p2pool + trc) on your firewall/router